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Welcome to our website

E van Rooyen & Seuns (Pty) Ltd t/a Trio Vervoer

Trio Vervoer is a medium sized family business committed to provide  excellent service to their clients. We consider it our top priority to be personally involved in the daily management of the business in order to secure service excellence.
At the same time to make the transportation of  client’s goods as safe and cost effective as possible.


Trio Vervoer strives to be a top transport company by committing to the following characteristics:

  1. Effective and hands-on management
  2. Well maintained fleet
  3. Well trained personnel
  4. Competitive prices in the transport market
  5. Client orientated transport business that focuses on customer satisfaction
  6. Safety of the trucks, personnel, and most important , the cargo.

The result is a loyal and satisfied customer base that is proud to be associated with the business.

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